Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Vacation '08 - The Apartment

After having a good experience with in 2006, we decided to give them another try for this trip. And we aimed for the same general vicinity, winding up in the 18th arrondissement, in this place on Villa Guelma. It was right near the Pigalle Metro stop, just south of the Butte de Montmartre, and just north of the Rue des Martyrs stretch we luckily discovered on our first trip in 2002.

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Now home and looking through all my photos from the trip, I realize I did a pretty bad job of capturing the feel of the apartment. Luckily, the shots on that Lodgis site do a pretty good job of showing what the place looked like. Even so, I did grab a few that will remind me of what our week there was like.

The entry way.
Not sure why I didn't grab an exterior shot, but this is what you encountered after entering the security code at the front door. Nice attempt at a little christmas tree.

villa guelma paris entryway

The old school elevator
Getting two people in here was snug. Getting two people and a few suitcases upstairs required multiple trips. But it was cool. Much more fun than new school (?) elevators.

elevator in 7 villa guelma paris

And we took a Parisien cliche shot of Judy avec baguette.

elevator in villa guelma paris

The door
There it is in all its nondescriptness, the front door to unit 5F (I think ... maybe 5G).

door to 5f, villa guelma, paris

The living room
Nothing too fancy, but it got the job done.

living room of unit 5f, villa guelma, paris

The dining room
Again, it worked, though we really used it primarily as a place to keep the suitcases and our coats and whatnot.

dining room of unit 5f, villa guelma, paris

The kitchen
Coffee maker, mini fridge, microwave (listed in order of importance). All we needed. And a sink, I guess. Didn't bother with the stove this time.

kitchen of unit 5f, villa guelma, paris

UPDATE 2/21/09:
Hardly worth posting, but I found 7 seconds of video that I took inside the apartment.

The bedroom
Or, at least the view from the bedroom. During one of the two very brief periods of sunshine that we enjoyed during the whole week.

view from bedroom of 7 villa guelma, paris

And that is the Eiffel Tower in the red box. And this was the only time we were able to see it because the rest of the week was pretty grey. Must be cool in the summer, though.

eiffel from bedroom

The Terrace
Another reason this apartment would be much, much cooler in the summer than winter is this terrace. It was massive. The views actually weren't spectacular by any means. The street is a little 200 yard cul de sac. But the terrace would be a great place to just sit outside with some vin et fromage perhaps and pretend you're Parisien for a few hours.

Brief glimpse of the sun ...

terrace of unit 5f, villa guelma, paris

terrace of unit 5f, villa guelma, paris

... and the look during a light snow the morning we left

terrace of unit 5f, villa guelma, paris

terrace of unit 5f, villa guelma, paris

The view toward the main street
And this is the view we had every day walking out to the main street and the Metro, etc. Despite how it looks, Judy is checking for rain and not raising the roof.

street view of villa guelma paris

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