Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quick Review: Pasteur (Chicago)

Saturday night @ 7:45. Place was packed. Unfortunately, their computer system wasn't working so everything was s-l-o-w-e-d down considerably. But we'll call that a growing pains fluke.

Interior is really well done. Immediately transports you far away from Edgewater. Decor is sophisticated. And whether it was intentional or just a lucky outcome, the acoustics are kind of amazing. Tables are pretty close together and on this busy night it was loud. But somehow my wife and I could talk with each other comfortably and not feel like we were hearing everything being said at the tables on either side of us, which is no little detail in my world.

Food was strong.

Apps: Fried chicken dumplings were delicious, vegetable tofu rolls were interesting (touch of mango works wonders here). One regret - why no sticky rice?

Entrees: Beef curry was a great balance of heat and sweet; Pasteur beef steak was a hit, too.

Also, they have a Lebanese red wine available by the glass. It's a little lightweight / thin, but I appreciate the opportunity to try a Lebanese red wine nonetheless - that wasn't something I expected when I walked in the door.

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